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Self-Driven Demise

November 22, 2012

I play in a band called Piglife. It’s the type of music my friend’s mother used to refer to as “not nice music.” I’ve been in bands playing not nice music for the better part of two decades. It’s where a lot of my writing had been focused until I threw in the towel on society and decided to pursue writing regardless of the financially disastrous circumstances. Anyhow, since I’m blowing up this blog with stuff I write, I might as well post lyrics I write as well. This latest little ditty is about a man who has lost everything and has finally resolved to end it all.

Self-Driven Demise

Television set… it’s always on
Friends and family… long fucking gone
I live on the couch… covered in sores
Junk food, alcohol, internet porn

Downward spiral with no bottom to hit
Closet full of clothes that no longer fit
Front lawn of dirt and dead, dry weeds
Attic full of mementos nobody needs
Roaches on the floor, maggots in the sink
Only reason to live is for another drink

Obesity sets in/ hygiene neglected
Teeth rotting away/hating everyday
My aspirations/have been limitations
For me to actualize/self-driven demise
There’s not a thing/you can do for me
So get out of my life/leave me to die

Fired from my job, told never to come back
Motivation, hope, and will, all of which I lack
Social interaction, I can no longer bear
My future and well being, I don’t fucking care
My children want nothing to do with me
It’s all the better for when I set myself free
My toe on the trigger, barrel in my mouth
Corpulent carcass decays in a forgotten house

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