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About Ken Leek: Author

April 1, 2012

This is the blog for Ken Leek, author of “The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility” published by Shook Up Publishing. This will also serve as an outlet for me to write various other bits as well like short stories and such.

This book is about a young runaway named Mike who is exposed to far too many shady characters early in life in his quest to fill the void his family left. Years of drug dealing, hustling, and even prostitution leads Mike to create an illegal money making operation that is so cold-hearted, yet so unique, it leads to riches… and sooner than later, ruin.

Through this blog, you can receive updates about events as well as the follow-up book, “The Culmination of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility.” Feel free to visit me on facebook for exclusives and giveaways at

NOTE: Everything I write on here, aside from updates concerning publishing previews or publishing dates, is purely fiction. Yes, I write in first person often but it does not mean the story is about me or anyone I know. I research shady, sad, or disturbing topics and write about them in fiction.


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